martes, 19 de enero de 2010

There's a moment sailors call slack tide.
When the tide is neither coming in nor going out, but perfectly still.
It's a moment frozen in time. When all is calm and peaceful.
The only downside to it is it passes so quickly.
Man has always been drawn to the sea.
But it's an unnatural setting for us.
A place of great danger.
Tides, currents, waves, wind...
Each presenting their own hazards.
None of which can be ignored.
The slightest lapse of judgment can be a mistake you might never recover from.
But a good sailor doesn't fight against these elements.
A good sailor works with them, using them to his advantage.
While others less fortunate might be forever cast adrift, often in several pieces.
He always comes home safely.

Dexter (The Series)

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